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Michael Veit
Each winter the National Audubon Society organizes their Christmas Bird Count which takes place throughout the United States and abroad. We are very fortunate that Pepperell is within the Groton-Oxbow Christmas Bird Count Circle which gives our residents an easy way to participate in this fun and worthwhile exercise. Many of the current participants have been involved for the entire sixteen years of its history and Pepperell has contributed many significant records over the years.

Our count date this year was Dec. 18 and we had over a dozen residents participating.  Some were out for most of the day and night braving the cold and visiting a diversity of land parcels while others stayed at home and simply counted at feeders on their own property.  Numerous miles were logged on foot and in car chasing down birds of all kinds throughout the town. We are proud that the count total for Pepperell was over 1978 birds from 39 species!

Our local Christmas Bird Count is a wonderful excuse to get outside, visit and appreciate some of Pepperell’s diverse open space properties during a time of year when many people normally do not, and make a contribution to a valuable effort.  It’s also a great opportunity to meet and gather with other nature enthusiasts from surrounding towns.

The count is open to everyone no matter how experienced a birder they are.  The Groton-Oxbow count is held each year on the first Sunday of the count period. If you would like to participate, you can contact our town count compiler and NCT’s Vice President, Paula Terrasi, at:

General information about the National Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count, including results for each count circle, can be found on their web site:

NCT Newsletter – Winter 2017

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