Friends Way

Trail Mileage: .2 miles- connects with old woods road that runs for several miles from Townsend to Groton.
Difficulty Level: Easy
Natural Features: Beautiful birch, oak and pine forests, small pond and vernal pools.
Wildlife: Ruffed Grouse, Eastern Towhees, deer, turtles, fisher and weasels.
The Friends Way property is a lovely and bright forest full of white birches, aspens and a few large white pines. Birch branches dangle over
the trail making it feel like one is traveling through a natural tunnel. Ruffed Grouse enjoy the birch and aspen seeds and buds and Eastern towhees and American Redstarts love the shrubby understory in the forest. The property connects with the Old Country Road in Groton providing an opportunity for a much longer hike and exploration of the Throne Hill area of Groton.
Land Protection History: Two NCT board members, Roger Goscombe and Linn Clark, along with several local investors, set aside 30 acres of land which was part of a small housing sub-division plan. The land was acquired in 1990 and the 30 acres were sold to NCT.
Trail Description: The trail begins to the right of a grove of birches and aspens and is marked by red dots. It heads southwest into the woods through the beautiful birch forest and passes a small wetland or vernal pool on the west side of the trail. It continues through more birch and pine forest to its connections with the Old County Road trail in Groton. This old woods road runs from Townsend into Groton for several miles. Continue in either direction for a longer hike.
Directions: From Pepperell Town Hall head west on Route 113 to intersection with Rte 119.
Go left on Rte 119 for 1/10 of a mile and then take a right onto Friends Way (look for sign).
Drive down the common drive to end and park in grassy area.

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