Heald Orchard


Heald Orchard View

Heald Orchard

The proposed lateral line from Jewett St. to Hollis, NH would run through Heald Orchard. Not only is it a conservation area for residents of Pepperell and the surrounding area to enjoy, there is a drinking water storage tank that rests within close proximity to where the proposed line would run.

‘This 80-acre town-owned property was once a working apple orchard and still grows apples, although it is no longer maintained as such.

Many grassland and early successional birds use this rich habitat for breeding, while other birds nest nearby and forage in the orchard. The Pepperell birding community has compiled an extensive list of birds found in the orchard. Birds with declining population trends are birds of conservation concern. View an extensive summary of birds observed in the orchard.’ (source)

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