Keyes Farm Property

Pepperell Trail Guide Keyes Farm
145 acres – 39 acres in working agriculture.
Trail Mileage: 1.2 round-trip-following T.O.P dark blue triangle signs.
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate.
Natural Features: Appalachian Oak and Pine Forest, American hornbeam, vernal pools and agricultural fields.
Wildlife: Songbirds, weasels, fox, pileated woodpeckers, owls.

Keyes Farm offers a diversity of forest, field and wetland habitats and a great network of trails to enjoy. Woodlands, riparian areas, and fields create rich habitat for a variety of wildlife. The farmland provides a spectacular scenic approach to the town center from the south and important agricultural land for the community.
It abuts the 90-acre Town Forest and another 40 acres of town conservation land on Elm Street making it ideal for longer hikes.

Trail Description: Keyes Farm has two main trails, both of which are designated with color-coded T.O.P trail markers: (1) Blue Trail. The Blue Trail winds through a small wetland with American hornbeam trees and continues through a mixed forest of beech, maples and oaks. At .45 miles, the trail turns left and goes up a hill to a private driveway. Cross the driveway and look for trail markers in the white pine forest (the driveway is private property and only can be crossed to follow the trail. Please do not walk up or down the driveway). The trail continues around a field and, after crossing the driveway again, returns to the main Blue Trail. (2) Red Trail. Starting from the parking area, the Red Trail starts with a right turn off the Blue Trail and follows a stream to a bridge. Arriving at the bridge turn left and return to the Blue Trail.

Directions: From Pepperell Town Hall, follow Elm St. past Shirley St. to gravel parking area on left. The trailhead is behind the kiosk. The GPS coordinates for the parking area are: Latitude 42.657445; Longitude -71.597513
Note: There is a private residence abutting the land. Do not follow driveway to house.

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