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Thank you for supporting  the Stop the Pipeline NED – Area Fundraiser!
Donations are always greatly appreciated and we will continue to raise funds to help in the ongoing effort to stop the ‘Northeast Energy Direct’ project. Please donate below!

Maria Hars Stop the Pipeline

Maria Hars

Thursday, September 4 – The Stop the Pipeline coalition raised nearly $8500 to help fund its activities in opposition to the proposed Northeast Energy Direct project. The September 4 fundraising event held at the home of Groton resident Maria Hars attracted 150 supporters from Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as well as dozens of donations from concerned citizens and businesses throughout the region.

Eric Broadbent Stop the Pipeline

Eric Broadbent

The evening featured solar energy advocate Eric Broadbent, who spoke of the initiative to develop Massachusetts’ first community-shared solar project – the Harvard Solar Garden. Energy efficiency expert Jim O’Reilly then shared the latest updates on the Administration’s new study to determine whether additional gas infrastructure is required. Both Eric and Jim emphasized the significance of citizen activism in achieving these ends and encouraged the packed house to continue the good fight. Claire Miller of Toxics Action Center spoke about the need to stay involved and how important

Jim O'Reilly Stop the Pipeline

Jim O’Reilly

donations will be to help in the ongoing effort. Ashby residents Peter Fischman and Deb O’Hanlon provided poignant song and lyrics about the beauty of our region.



Michelle Weiser and Claire Miller of Toxics Action Center

Michelle Weiser and Claire Miller of Toxics Action Center

The Stop the Pipeline coalition would like to thank Eric, Jim, Peter and Deb for their contributions to a wonderful evening. We are deeply grateful to Maria for opening her home to us for the event; to Ann deCicco and the crew from Lucia’s Tavola in Ayer who provided the delicious hors d’oeuvres and drink; and to Andover resident Scott Matsumoto who provided wonderful guitar music as we gathered during the evening. Finally we’d like to express our sincere thanks to all the concerned citizens and businesses who support our efforts to stop this pipeline and to promote a safer, cleaner energy future for New England.



Scott Matsumoto

Scott Matsumoto

Deb O’Hanlon and Peter Fischman

Deb O’Hanlon and Peter Fischman








Stop the Pipeline is made up of concerned representatives from Middlesex, Worcester and Essex counties and Hillsborough county, NH who have been working together to stop the proposed ‘Northeast Energy Direct’ pipeline proposal. As the Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct project is still being proposed, it will be very important to have community, economic and environmental impact studies done to demonstrate the effects that the project would have on our area. Additionally, the thousands of impacted property owners, which includes homeowners, municipalities and land trusts will need legal assistance should it get to the federal level at FERC.
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