Linkel Woods Property

Linkel Woods
Acreage: 15 acres
Trail Mileage: .5 miles – connects to Town Forest Trail and onto Keyes Farm
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate some hilly sections.
Natural Features: Oak, hickory and maple forests with scattered large white pines. Stream and small wetlands with ferns.
Wildlife: Small mammals, deer, weasels, fox, woodpeckers and songbirds

Linkel Woods Property
– Nestled next to Scotch Pine Farm on Elm Street, the Linkel Property is a beautiful woodland of maples, oaks, shagbark hickories, and white pines. A stream runs along the edge of the property and small wetlands full of cinnamon and sensitive ferns are scattered through the forest. A stone bridge crosses the stream and is a perfect spot to enjoy the brook and quiet woods. This is a lovely hike in the fall.

Land Protection History:
John and Angela Linkel, former owners of Scotch Pine Farm, donated the land to Nashoba Conservation Trust in 1998. The Linkels were motivated to donate their land because NCT owned 7 acres of forest land abutting their property. They wanted to ensure that the forest and wetlands on their property were conserved, so they donated 8 acres of land to create the 15 acre preserve. Their donation doubled NCT’s conservation land in the area and made it more attractive for hiking, bird watching and other outdoor recreation on the land.

Trail Description:
The trail is an easy hike through a hardwood forest
of maples, oaks, and white pines. It begins near a small brook off Elm Street and heads
northwest through the forest towards the brook. Cross over a lovelystone bridge and follow the red TOP signs on trees along the trail. Continue along edge of Scotch Pine Farm and into a
small wetland of cinnamon ferns. The trail passes a stone wall and continues to an intersection with a trail looping back towards Shirley Street access. At this juncture, you can follow the trail to Shirley Street or return.

From Pepperell Town Hall take Elm Street. Follow Elm Street for 1.2
miles until you see the sign for Scotch Pine Farm. Parking is along Elm St. Access to the Town Forest trail is across the street.

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