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Nashoba Conservation Trust Newsletter
Winter 2018

Winter beauty at Gulf Brook in Pepperell

Conservation Corner
Ken Hartlage

Curling up by the fire with a book or watching the Pats on TV may be quintessential winter pastimes here in New England, but it’s also a great time to experience nature, especially if there’s snow on the ground. Walking, snowshoeing or skiing along Pepperell’s twenty miles of marked trails offers a great opportunity to see animal tracks left by porcupine, deer and the elusive bobcat. Tiny Springtails can be seen hopping around on the snow and Stoneflies may be found crawling around stream banks.
The birdsongs of summer are replaced by the chips and chirps of our winter visitors such as the Golden-crowned Kinglet and Dark-eyed Junco; and year-round residents such as Bluebirds and Cardinals can brighten even the gloomiest winter day. If you’re into photography, there’s nothing quite like snow and ice to capture nature at its most dramatic. If you’re interested in experiencing the winter outdoors with friends, NCT will be hosting a winter walk on February 24th (weather permitting) at Pepperell Springs. Stay tuned for details.


In This Edition
Surprising Results During this year's Christmas Bird Count
Michael Veit

Pepperell falls within the Groton-Oxbow Count Circle of the National Audubon Society's annual Christmas Bird Count. During this event, which takes place at locations all over the world, participants of all ages and experience identify and count as many birds as they can over a twenty-four hour period. This year, the Groton-Oxbow count occurred on Sunday, December 17th.
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Barred Owl in Winter Plumage

Winter Trees
Janet MacFarland

February may bring some of our heaviest snowstorms and coldest temperatures (although this year January certainly is vying for that distinction!). However, February is also a month where we notice the slight increase in daylight hours and the slightly warmer angle of the sun. This can be an excellent time to work on your tree identification skills.

Tree silhouettes are visible, and the bark is a prominent characteristic in its variations of coloring. I became intrigued looking at tree silhouettes in Peterson's Eastern Trees Field Guide. I know the trees along my field edge and as I studied their silhouette photos in the book, I found a new pleasure in studying them in this manner – trunk shape, branching pattern, crown shape. As I drove in a car or took a walk it became a pleasure to look at a tree and recognize its silhouette and think White Oak! Hickory! Sugar Maple! Some silhouettes are more apparent than others, but it does help to begin to notice and name familiar species.

Birches at Heald Orchard

Member Articles
Paul Peavey

As you can see from the article above, we have some excellent writing talent out there in our NCT member base. If you have anything you are interested in or passionate about, from a conservation perspective please use the link below to let us know. 100 – 300 words is about average. We are always looking for volunteers to lend a fresh perspective to our newsletters. Newsletter@nashobatrust.org

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NCT and Pepperell Conservation Comission’s Pepperell Trail Guide

Our new 2016 trail guide is available. The guide describes (16) different conservation areas managed by NCT and the Pepperell Conservation Commission. Contained in each section is a description of the parcel, a detailed trail map, and other information to help you enjoy each of these beautiful areas. If you would like a trail guide just click on the link below. and indicate your interest. We’ll send you an electronic, printable copy.
Download the Pepperell Trail Guide PDF here



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